The Island's Activities
Our tour desk offers you many opportunities. We have exciting activities available to those who enjoy active, sporting pursuits, and others that will simply relax you. Whatever you like, exciting sport, real adventure or simply enjoying the miracle of nature - we have something for everyone at Koh Lanta.
Please contact our tour desk for the special prices and family deals.
Koh Lanta's rich waters offer sandy coves, coral reefs, limestone rock outcrops, rock reefs, seamounts and pinnacles, undersea caverns with tunnels and sunken ships. Koh Lanta water temperature ranges from 27 to 31 degrees - ideal for divers, coral and tropical fish. There are more than 200 hard corals and 108 reef fish catalogued in a study currently ongoing, but thousands more organisms abound. Dive trips leave Ko Lanta around 8 am and return between 4 pm and 6 pm depending on the sites visited. Many dive sites offer good snorkeling, with friends and family welcome to join trips and snorkel at reduced rates. Speedboat diving is a good option for those wanting to get out quickly to the sites.. and then get back to the beach life just as quick!
Koh lanta's many scuba dive centers offer daytrips on well-fitted boats and take you to at least two dive sites every day, meals are included and provided on-board. All provide rental equipment at reasonable prices.
The waters of Koh Lanta are famous for Mackerel, Barracuda, Tuna and Sailfish. Nearby, Koh Lanta has one best spots for fishermen called Koh Ma or Ma Island. Here you can hunt the Barracuda or Merlin if you are lucky. Three different kinds of fishing trips are offered: by private long tail boat, either half-day, full day or night fishing. The usual catch is Barracuda or White and Red Snapper among other sorts.
"Lanta sea house Had Catch a Big Sailfish"
Mr.Helmut Christine - A Lanta Sea house guest
who caught the "Big" Sailfish!
Enjoy a new experience! it's fun to explore Koh Lanta's rainforest, travel through the green lands sitting out on a real working elephant's back, go to the waterfall or the viewpoint. The powerful creature will bring you up the rainforest hills of Koh Lanta's National Park, experience the full rich variety of plants and small creatures that live there.
It's not as big a Stadium as Bangkok, but this is real Thai Boxing. If you interested in the art of Thai boxing, you can visit the stadium during your stay. At Koh Lanta Mini-Stadium, there are real Thai boxing matches almost every week. There is also a Gym available for use on the island catering to all levels, from beginners to experts.
Thai food uses one of the most complicated cooking techniques and freshest ingredients in the world. Here on Koh Lanta we have a fine Thai cooking school, If you would like to learn to cook Thai-style. This class will teach you the most useful Thai cooking techniques and soon you will be cooking like an expert..
Kayaking, Here will provide you the unspoiled touch of nature. Paddling through the mangroves forest, explore the caverns particularly beauty stalagmite and stalactite. You will see another hushed side of your life. Two spots which are the most popular for kayaking activity, well known such as " Talabeng island " and "Tung Yee Peng".